Technical Help

Technical Support

Translation and Hard of Hearing

Subtitles for all sessions are available in both English and French. These can be accessed by clicking the CC button at the bottom of the video player.

Audio translation in French is available for all sessions. It can be accessed by clicking the AD button at the bottom of the video player.

If you are viewing on a mobile device, the CC and AD buttons are hidden. Click on the 3 dots to see them.

Troubleshooting Guide

The online Festival site is easy to use. You do not need to download any programs or apps. Just click on the appropriate link in the Festival programme to watch the streamed sessions.  If there are problems, please follow the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide below.

If you are unable to do this, or your problem is still not resolved, there is a bilingual team of Kadampa Tech Support volunteers ready to help you. Simply email:

You can’t see the video?

Links in the timetable, as well as the corresponding videos only become live at the scheduled time. You cannot watch a video before its scheduled time. Check you have clicked on the correct link. You may need to refresh the page.

If you clicked on the link before the scheduled time, the video will not start automatically. Refresh the page at the scheduled time.

If you still can’t view the video, the main factors to focus on are your playback quality, browser, your network, and your device.

The video does not play smoothly?

Try one of the following:

1.    Lower the playback quality using the cog/wheel icon on the player).

2.    Try another wifi network or internet connection.

3.    Try another device.

4.    Try another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

5.    Try at a different time when your internet connection is less busy.

Other technical problems?

See if one of these tips can help:


The video player is compatible with all major browsers; however, certain playback issues may be specific to one browser or another. Switching browsers may help clear up an issue, or at least give you a sense that a certain problem is caused by something else. For example, if you’re using Firefox and your video doesn’t play, try Chrome or Safari.


Close additional browser windows. Avoid simultaneously running programs that use a lot of energy, like Spotify, Netflix and others.

Bypass browser setting and plugins

Watch from a private window in order to eliminate browser settings and customizations that can cause conflict.

  • Chrome > File > New Incognito Window > Paste Festival website link and press enter
  • Firefox > File > New Private Window > Paste Festival website link and press enter
  • Safari > File > New Private Window > Festival website link and press enter

Clear your browser cache. Doing so regularly helps applications run better.

  • Chrome: Close all windows then click Chrome (top navigation, left of File) > Clear Browsing Data or Go to the three-dot menu at the upper-right of Chrome to select Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data or History > History > Clear browsing data 
  • Firefox: Close all windows. Then from the top navigation, select History > Clear Recent History
  • Safari: Close all windows then click from top navigation Safari > Clear History

Computer re-start

Restart your computer. Once it is running again, open a browser to see if this resolved the issue.


If you are not getting an internet connection to your device, google search for any browser. If an error message appears on your screen, reboot your router.